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I thought I was covered by my household insurance until I had my bike stolen - not only was the excess half the value of the bike, but the exclusions meant I couldn't claim. Cycle Syndicate beats insurers hands down for transparency.
Dominic B.
Since I’ve got a network of people relying on me, I’m sure to lock my bike properly. It’s great to have the security of knowing that same network will have my back if something bad happens.
Adam F.

On average, every Cycle Syndicate member has so far saved over £19 vs insurance. At present rates they'll save 81% versus insurance for the year!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When a claim is made, the details will be emailed to all syndicate members. If any member has reason to believe a claim does not qualify under the Syndicate Terms they can (anonymously) notify Cycle Syndicate of their concerns and further investigation of the claim will be conducted.

If a claim is approved, every member of the Syndicate is assigned a contribution towards it, proportional to the value of their bike. Cycle Syndicate will notify members of their contributions and collect them via Direct Debit (with the help of our friends at GoCardless).

Cycle Syndicate then passes the money onto the claimant, minus a 15% claim handling fee.

Just your annual membership fee. This is a flat rate, regardless of the number or value of the bike(s) you register.

Syndicates without membership restrictions can be joined by anyone with an invite, provided they have at least one Facebook friend already in the syndicate.

It depends on how many losses occur in your syndicate. If 5% of the total bike value in the syndicate is lost, then you will pay 5% of the value of your bike in contributions (in addition to your membership fee). See how much you might pay over a year in different scenarios using our handy calculator.

No. This means that full payouts cannot be guaranteed. Cycle Syndicate works because it is invitation-only and all syndicate members are connected through trusted friends, colleagues or club members. However, if a member chooses not to make their contribution to a valid claim, there would be no legal recourse against them and the claimant would lose out on that contribution. We would, of course, identify and ban any person that let down their fellow members in this way. Contribution to all valid claims is a requirement of ongoing membership.

You must judge for yourself the risks associated with this, but we remind you that in a syndicate with 100 members, a non-payer with an average value bike would cost the claimant just 1% of their claim. Additionally, if the claim was under £1,000, the contribution avoided by the non-payer would be less than the membership fee that they would forfeit by leaving.

Cycle Syndicate is not an insurance provider and does not cover personal accident or third-party liability claims.

Such cover can be purchased from a specialist provider. British Cycling and London Cycling Campaign include liability cover and legal support as part of their membership packages.

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